While envisioning a sustainable, renewable future for human civilisation, electric motors come at the forefront as a crucial solution. They operate by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy to perform a variety of tasks. Thanks to manufacturers like Ome Motors Srl, electric motors now offer a wide range of applications in both industrial and professional sectors.

Capable of generating even the strongest of force, electric motors offer many benefits in real-life applications. They work exactly the opposite of an electric generator, and thus, have their use. The engines use the principles of electromagnetism. They come with three key elements: a stationary part (stator), a part that rotates (rotor), and a commutator. Before that, let’s find out some of the most important benefits of electric motors from below.


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Less Noisy and Other Environmental Benefits

Thanks to the continuous improvement in efficiency and rotational techniques, electric motors create little to no noise while running. Even the most powerful ones make noises that are nothing compared to smaller gasoline motors. Eventually, it results in a work environment that is more comfortable and friendly for the workers. Contributing to the reduction in noise pollution is one more step towards a sustainable future.

As electric motors work through an interaction between electric current and magnetic field, it creates less of an impact on the environment. They get their power from batteries, inverters, AC or DC current sources. Therefore, they don’t require using any fossil fuels, which is excellent news for the environment. As companies like Ome Motors Srl focus more on sourcing and using sustainable magnets and other materials, electric motors will become even more efficient for our future.

Zanni Pumps

OME Motors for Zanni Pumps, Iraq – photo credit: OMEMotors.com

Incredibly Reliable in Versatile Applications

Electric motors are categorised mainly into two different types – AC motors and DC motors. Look beyond the initial category, and you would find a suitable range for various industrial needs. Ome Motors Srl alone offers electric motors for an incredible range of fields: sugar plant, cement factories, oil pumps and rigs, mining industries, wind power generators, and many others.

They are particularly beneficial for the petrochemical industries, as the motors need to withstand such fields’ hazards and high temperatures. The application in wind power generations, on the other hand, makes the engines a solid solution for renewable energy.

Wind farm providing clean energy

The versatility of electric motors goes way beyond the range of industries. They are also incredibly beneficial for the production of machinery and tools. A great range of household appliances like air-conditioners, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, blenders and others use electric motors to produce their rotational force. It is also possible to request specific electric motors for a specific operation of some advanced cogeneration and hydraulic plants. It indeed makes them an all-encompassing solution for the industrial world.

No matter the application, electric motors offer the same level of reliability in their performance. Their purpose is to be remarkably efficient in the first place, but to operate at the same high level every time is a benefit in its own right.

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